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U.S Postal Services

We work in cooperation with the USPS, and offer their services as a complement to the FedEx shipping options.
• First class, Priority, Express, International, Media Mail, Certified Mail, Delivery Notificaiton

Useful Guides From

Download shipping guides for FedEx Shipping

Download and print these useful guides provided by Keep in mind your exact needs may vary so please use these as general guides only.

These PDF's are the original high-quality versions as provided by FedEx so please be patient when downloading these files. You may also be interested in the guides provided by the United States Postal System which also include an extensive "Activity Guide" with 52 pages of things to do.... perfect for keeping children busy while you get organized.

FedEx General Packing Guidelines (5 pages)
Covers weight, dimensions, methods, Dangerous Goods

FedEx Guide to Packing Computers (6 pages)
Covers materials, methods, lap/desktops

FedEx Services & Rates Guide 2018 (202 pages)
Covers how rates are calculated

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Multiple Shipping Options

Choose from a variety of shipping options: Ex-press, Ground, Commercial, Residential, Home Delivery.

No Fee - No Waiting!

No Fee - Package Drop Off Service.
No need to wait at the office, bring your FedEx packages to the store.



Organization Experts

We will Organize and pack your items (limited to 500.00 in value) in our Store or bring in your packed item.



Your Own Shipping Dept

Let us be your shipping/receiving Department.
Commercial Accounts Welcome!